Want to get muddy and go for an unforgettable experience? Then, Camp Pendleton's mud run is the right race for you!

The individual runners start at 9:15 and the teams fifteen minutes later, which would normally be a bit late for our taste. Nevertheless, the sweat caused by the late morning sun just adds that extra touch to the thick, sticky and sloppy mud course. At the first obstacle, you are sprayed water with fire hoses. Perhaps, this is to assure the removal of any possible mud repellent, and to help the dust particles from the trails to stick a little better. Then come the tires, followed by a mud puddle where you get just enough sand and dirt in your shoes to make them feel like ankle weights. You certainly get a good workout! But this is just where the fun begins. Along the six miles of hilly trails you will experience a great opportunity to run and even crawl through muddy streams and jump over walls that lead to knee high mud. Not only that! As you approach "the lake" you may wonder why all these people are not moving. Indeed, it is quite tricky to attempt to move in what feels like quick sand. Be aware, though, of losing your shoe in the depths of this viscous, turgid, foaming, and smelly waters, for you then would have to dive in to dig it out. One of my favorite parts is the last hill, where they are shooting water down at you making a nice slippery stream for all to climb. And of course, the best comes last. Right before the finish line there is a nice big pool of earthly matter with wires high enough that you just may be able to keep your face out of the murky waters.

The experience is truly memorable and undoubtedly one of a kind. But in our case, running with the team made it particularly special. We tried to stay within sight of each other as much as possible, yet when one teammate lagged a little behind; another hurried to the next station and awaited the others with little cups of water. The encouragement and support from each other certainly enhances the experience, especially as we all cross triumphantly the finish line.

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